New Beginnings…

Don’t all endings always have new beginnings? Two weeks ago I got fired from a job that I wasn’t very happy with. I guess the universe was telling me something I already knew… GET OUT! I wasn’t given very clear reasons as to why I was being asked to leave, other than I had a bad attitude. After-all I had a broken ankle with 7 screws in it, severe bronchitis and asthma on top of all of that. But no matter, I am a hairstylist and truly the only people who can fire me are my clients. Some of them have. I can’t say I blame them. My situation wasn’t looking good and I had three shitty receptionists relaying what wasn’t going on instead of helping me get them to a happier place. The ones who are following me onto my new digs… I am forever grateful. This is a cutthroat industry and there are a lot of really great hairstylists out there, a lot of bad ones too, luckily for me I’m one of the great ones and I know it. I was born to do this.

I know it sounds like all I am doing is whining, and I am. I promise this won’t be a forum for my unhappiness but I think that people who go into a salon think that hairstylists should be happy all of the time and they should be allowed to unload on us while they sit in our chair with bleach and 20 volume turning them into an impossible shade of blonde they had when they were three! It really can be tantamount to being a psychologist at times but we aren’t. The average hairstylist where I live does NOT make $300.00 an hour to listen to you talk about your bad sex life or why your kid, who just got his drivers license, is so entitled to that new BMW. But listen we do. Even when our sex life stinks and our kids can’t get that scooter they want because they have to earn it… Don’t get me wrong, it’s a fun job. Let me be the first one to tell you that I LOVE MY JOB! Sometimes it’s just plain tough to listen to someone tell you everything that is going wrong in their life when yours is falling apart too. We all have our dark moments and I hope that this blog will help some understand what a hairstylists daily life can be like. After all that is what Tabitha’s Salon Takeover is all about! I haven’t watched it… but I’ll start.

I’ll try to add some old stories in here, (and I have some good ones) as I go along and of course all the new and exciting things that are going on in the hair and nail industry. I’ll put some things in here about my love life and all my social outings, comings and goings. There will be bad days and many good ones because as I’ve mentioned I really do love my what I do. I also have two dogs that are my besties (They are always happy to see me no matter what kind of day I’ve had because I feed them, hmmm… maybe I’m onto something here.) I live and work in Oceanside, CA at another salon/spa called Apotheque. There are some real characters around where I live, so I’ll talk about them too. And please bear with me while I figure out how to utilize this wordpress to my utmost advantage. I’ll put photos up of my brides and hair that I’m proud of and probably hair I wish would just go away… Of course not the person, just the hair. I’m not God, there is only so much I can do people. But I promise, I will do my very best and do it well. Broken ankles and bad lungs be damned! I get my cast off Monday, that’s if I can afford it, did I mention that most hairstylists don’t have insurance???

So, I’m off to my first official day at the new salon, Lady Rox Salon and Boutique, in Encinitas, CA. Two doors down from my chiropractor and my favorite mexican food Juanita’s Taco Shop, God I’m going to get fat…


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