First Day Jitters and I wish the dog wouldn’t drink out of the toilet bowl…

So Yesterday was my first official day at the new salon, it was a good day too. Felt great to be back at work chatting up my clients and the new girls I work with. They are very nice. Its hard to be the new girl. I want them to like me but I don’t want to seem overly kiss-assy…

One of my male clients came in and was my first victim and it was soooo nice to see him because he is HOT! All the girls at the other salon were in LOVE with him and he followed me! Whooo Hooo Oh happy day!!! Too bad I don’t date my male clients… or any clients for that matter… He’s a tall single dad that loves the outdoors and travel, is an avid surfer and in a time when men of this particular age are starting to flounder, for a forty-something man he is in really great shape… what am I stupid, he’s the perfect man!!! Does it sound like I’m trying to pimp him out? You bet. I need someone to get this man out of my head… I’m in love and he is candy! Oh you wicked God you! I also got to see my friend/client Murphey and her other half (Mr. Banjo) which was really great because they are currently homeless (not because she’s poor) because she and her ex-husband share a beautiful condo right on the beach here in Oceanside. He gets it for 6 months she’s gets it for 6 months. So, she and Mr. Banjo have been traveling all over the north and south Americas for the past 3 months. What fun, until she told me she was exhausted and her ex wouldn’t let her move back into the condo. Whatajerk. It’s no fun being homeless. Its stressful and sad, just ask people who’s jobs make them live in hotels 300 days a year. To top this all off her hair was a mess and grown out but we got her all fixed up and she is on her way to Philly to freeze her ass off for the next 3 weeks, then who knows where??

My evening went like this: Meet Mr. J my Kauai buddy for a glass of celebratory wine and pizza. Then meet my friend Ryno @ the Irish pub for a beer. How did I end up drinking Scotch? Two glasses of Glenlivet and I was under the table. Then I came home slightly drunk to my garbage all over my living room floor. Those f-ing dogs pulled my $70 garbage can down and made sure they got coffee grounds and old food containers in every corner of my apartment! Hell hath no fury like a doggie scorned. By the time I got the mess cleaned up it was 2am and all I wanted was my jammies and blankey.

My morning like this: I was awakened by Daisy (the puppy) lapping up water out of the toilet, (coffee grounds apparently give one cotton mouth) and of course she can’t keep that to herself she has to share! Come on up and jump on the bed! Lick my face! Ya! Really? Anyone want a dog?


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