The Art of the Updo & My the First Bride of the Year

Kristina Black aka: Mrs. Kristina Tsiros

This lady right here is the reason I love being a hairstylist! I do a lot of hair for weddings. In this line of work everyone needs a passion. Mine used to be color because I was good at it, had an artists background and understood that if you put an ash brown on blonde hair it turns green. Color was my thing and then 15 years went by and… I got bored. I realized that I was missing out on the whole of actually being a hairstylist, so I delved into what most hairstylists considered taboo at the time… The Updo. Most of the people I went to cosmetology school with 20 years ago hated doing Updo’s. Usually cosmetology school is just a place where little old ladies (or blue hairs) on a fixed income would go to get their hair done because it was cheap, they didn’t have to tip us (a quarter is not a tip) and they could abuse the hell out out of us. We students had to get quite a few hours, (I believe it was 600?) roller setting, teasing and combing out hair. Then pinning it it in just the right spot before we were allowed to move onto the more coveted; cutting and coloring.

Kira... the funny one.

What I forgot was that this rolling and setting and combing and teasing is actually kinda fun!  I started doing retro-style hair on a few of my friends. Re-taught myself finger waves and proper roller placement and Voila! I taught myself the fine art of the Updo again! It’s really fun when you realize that there are a lot of beautiful ladies out there who really love the art of the Updo too and will let you practice on them. Most young girls going to prom these days are really into the whole 40’s and 50’s housewife hair and so am I. It’s an art. And I love art!

Ashley... the serious one.

A year or so ago my lovely client Kristina told me she was getting married and asked if I would do her hair… Silly rabbit, of course I will. Of course I had NO IDEA where I would be a year from then but if she wanted me I would fly from Timbuktu to get it done.

She was the perfect bride. Always asking what I thought, booking her appointments way ahead of time and always keeping me up to date on head pieces and ideas that she liked. We had a great time looking at pictures and preparing for the big day, she was going to be a picture perfect bride and I got to play happy hairstylist! Then… I broke my ankle… Three weeks before her wedding.

Francesca, the tall drink of water.

I’ll never forget, as long as I live, her reply when I told her about my situation…

She: “What about my wedding?”                                                                                                          And then, “Oh, Are you alright?”

Me: “Krrdeena, (cuz that’s what I call her) I will get your wedding done! And if I can’t           I won’t leave you hanging. I have a back up plan.”

Screw that! I had a back up plan, thats true, but if you think I was going to miss this wedding,  you’re high! Seven screws, one titanium plate and a pink cast later I was ready, sort of.  I worked my butt off to make sure that I was good to go on the day of that wedding and at 10AM I was at the La Valencia Hotel, all my curling irons, hair sprays, combs and pins in tow, ready to do some Updo’s!

Nicole... the "maid."

These girls were the best! In a business where I’m used to catering to a crazy she-devils also known as the bride and bridesmaids, this particular day I was spoiled. While I curled and pinned, they buzzed around me and Kristina in tandem. Making sure we were doing ok. They got us juice, champagne and food. I’ve never felt so spoiled… and I was working! What a day it was! Everything went without a hitch. Hair went up. Make up went on. Dresses were squished into, aisles were walked and vows were taken. Did I mention I was invited to the wedding too? So I was able to see it from start to finish. What a beautiful wedding it was!

Check out my right leg...

I think back now to all those grouchy, mean little ol’ blue hairs and I thank God for each and every one of them. If I hadn’t spent all that time rolling and pinning those old bats, I never would have learned to appreciate the fine art of the Updo and I never would have been able to style my friends hair at her wedding.

Me, My cast and MY girls!

I would like to give Photo Credit to Kenny Grill Photography ( and Make Up Credit to Melissa Rae ( Please be sure to check out their websites as they are two of the most amazing professionals in the “bridezilla” business!

More Photos…

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