Ahhhhh… Firenze!!!

Yes It Really Is This Amazing!

So I made it! Actually Shane and I made it. I am am currently sitting in my room in my new apartment in Florence. It’s been three and half weeks since we arrived and there is a lot to talk about but for now I just want everyone to know that this place is amazing! I literally cried the first time I saw the Duomo! I can honestly say that, to me, it is more impressive than the Vatican. Not inside but definitely outside. I promise I will take a bunch of photos and share them and anything else that comes up, hair related or not. I do have some funny stories already. Here are some of the highlights of the past three weeks and subjects I will go into better depth in in the future…

The flight and situation with Shane was not as awful or as stressful as I thought it would be… A LOT more on that subject later… Did I  mention how awful our gov’t is??

My friend, Petra’s dad (Carlo) picked me up at the Sesto-Fiorentino Airport and took me to their beautiful home in Calenzano. It is in the hills of Tuscany and it is exactly what one would expect. Their home is quite lovely and I call it my spa retreat. I love going to visit her parents because they are such warm, loving and extremely interesting people. Connie, Petra’s mother, fed me and gave me lots of hugs and let me relax to my hearts content. And after the way the last two years were, I need this and I need them!

Or as I prefer to call it… The Spa.

My friends, Kat and Jimmie, from Oceanside! They popped in unexpectedly, (because I forgot they were coming) and we had a really great couple of days walking around seeing sites and eating everything in sight. It also happened to be Jimmie’s 50th Birthday! Happy Birfday Jimbo! Another friend of Petra’s was here visiting and we had lunch with Carlo on the other side of the Arno River. I now know what side of Florence I like better.

K & J and the ol’ Duomo

I started my Italian language classes. Italian is F-ing hard! I don’t remember grammar from elementary school! Christ, it’s hard enough to remember what day of the week it is!!! BTW… It’s Halloween as I write this… Not a big Italian thing, but… tomorrow is an official Holiday? Do they celebrate Dia de los Muertos here? I will get back about this one…

I get lost at least once everyday. And I like it.

I can’t quit eating pasta. And I’ve lost 7 lbs! I have literally drank the Arno in vino… it flows just as steadily too! I am sure vintners all over the Tuscan region have been fretting since I got off the plane! Wine is good, inexpensive and in abundance!!! Wheeeeeee!!!! Also, it’s a national past time to get out of work walk to a local bar (cafe, gellateria, panninoteca, whatever) and sit and have wine order some meats and cheeses and vino! My kind of place!!!

Don’t even ask me what’s going on with my hair… The important thing here is the wine dammit!!!

I have figured out that is impossible to have good hair in Florence. The salons are strange, everything is extremely expensive, the water is hard, i have no blow drier and I am a que ball in a sea of eight balls …

I live with two men! Alessio who is from Florence and his friend Costas, from Greece. I met Alessio at Petra’s wedding last year and we have been friends ever since. He’s a bit of a slob but the rent is cheap and the Apartment is huge and… WE HAVE A YARD!!! Shane loves it! I will get a house keeper next week… No worries!

I do have a paramour of sorts. He is my 70-75 year old neighbor, Antonio. We met at the local cafe and he takes me around Florence and shows me interesting things… More on him for sure!

I am going to an Election Night dinner party for ex-pats on Nov 6-7. It’s a two day event because of the time change… Can’t wait to blog about that one!

I have a new boyfriend everyday. I must I walk around with this deer-in-the-headlights look and these guys here feel bad for me. Of course it could also be the shit-eating-grin I get on my face almost daily, because, HEY I’M IN FUCKING ITALY…AND ITS FUCKING AWESOME!!

Just another cool doorway…

The Arno River

Gallileo’s Digs…

The Arno at Night

Santo… I have no idea!!??

…back in a few days when I get my thoughts organized!!!







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