I decided I have been getting a little off track on this blog and wanted to dedicate a solitary blog to my time in Italy. Fare Bella Figura is where you will find me while I am in Italy. Not to despair though, I still have a lot of great hair advice and stories and will continue to add them as they come up in my memory… Stay Tuned Folks… And go visit “Fare Bella Figura!”


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  1. Not a chance! There is plenty of room and plenty to do and you can bring your hypothetical children too. I think summer will be fun here! You have one job… and that is to make me laugh!!!

  2. Hey hey, I am so excited to have you as my new official cyber-stalker. And I’ll even wear a Dodgers cap myself if it got me to Italy. Although hypothetical child may be a stretch– I’m actually older than Becca πŸ˜€

    • Oh great!! I don’t live there anymore!! I am in San Diego at the moment but I will be returning in a few years. I guess you’ll just have to come here! But I have amazing people to set you up with!!

      • Everything blows! Well not everything. I just don’t want to be here. Wish I would’ve stayed there. I am doing everything to get back. And because I have absolutely nothing nice to say I stay quiet… 😦 how is everything on your end??

      • Awesome!! I will get back on it. I am just in some weird transition phase. Tell Jason hello and I will put some pics together for him soon! I haven’t been out much since I came home!! Hope the fam is well!!

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