Justin Bieber

It’s pretty rare that I really hate ANY haircut… Call a lack of restraint because of what I do, but most unusual haircuts are for the individual hairstylist to show their creative talents or just for the client to show their INDIVIDUALITY… ¬†After all, I did grow up through the Punk and Death Rock era in which I did have many wild hair colors and some pretty funky cuts… If I could find some old pictures I’d post them. (Thank God I don’t but it was fun.)

The Bieber Before... ick...

I just have to say… I HATE Justin Biebers’ damn hair… I hate it on every poor boy that has it right now… The kid on No Ordinary Family has it and every tween boy that sits in my chair wants it. It looks like they found their Grampies old full toupee from 1972, played La Crosse, Football and Soccer with it, and then stuck it on their head… backwards! It’s the new style comb-over (or under) for boys who still have hair! It’s Donald Trump if he could just get in that time machine he’s been building and go back to the age of 12. (He’d take the chump change with him too…)

Working on it... Go Justin!

This poor planet is just not ready for The Bieber. We are not living in 2175. We are not living in the 5th Element (think Chris Tuckers’/Frank O. Gehry’s ¬†cappilus architectural masterpiece), Star Wars (a bit coifed but still cool), Mad Max (just plain dirty grunge) or Alien vs. Predator (cool dreads mon). Even Astro Boy had cooler hair… albeit pretty close to The Bieber but he was actually flying around…

I Just feel so proud!

Apparently, Ellen DeGeneres was a huge catalyst for helping this boy see the error of his follicular failure. She almost had The Bieber at one point. Maybe he copied her???

Ahhhh The Lovely, Funny and Talented E!

I love Ellen! Thank You Ellen for both getting this one right… And a quick shout out to TMZ for posting the new pic!