Summer Lull…

What my dolls looked like during Summer!

During summer vacation when I was a kid I would go around the house complaining that there was nothing to do and my father would look at me over his novel du jour and say, “You’re not bored… You’re boring. Go read a book.”  Of course after a few weeks of Summertime the days out of school always seemed to lose their luster. My friends would go on vacation, camp or move and everyone seemed to go into some strange catatonic state of heatstroke.

I feel the same way about this supposed recession we are in.

I live in one of the wealthiest states in the union. California. So where is all the money going? I have never been this slow at work in my entire career. If I told you how many of my clients have moved or told me they are going to attempt to do their own hair it would make even Tabitha cry. And that bitch don’t cry! I hate whining and it seems like I’ve been doing a lot of it lately. Where is everyone going? And why?


I cannot have one more person tell me that they are going to do their own hair color. All because their husbands are complaining about the expense, then in the same breath ask me to hurry because they are late for Pilates class that they do in their $200 Lulu Lemon lycra. I am sorry people… you cannot DO your own hair! It will look like shit 6 months down the road. After you put 3-4 layers of that 30 volume peroxide along with the ammonia and God knows what else, that cuticle will look like my Grandma Maya’s old straw broom.

Have you ever seen those LOL’s (little old ladies) in New York? The ones with really pruney/purple-y colored hair that looks like died grape cotton? Or the carni-chick that works the frog bop with the greenish white matted ponytail that has about two inches of black roots??

L.O.L! ( Little Old Ladies)

Ya… that is what your hair will look like after 6 months of  “dying”  your own hair. You are killing it… hence the the word… dying! If you are all seriously that broke, talk to your hairstylist. I have never heard of a hairstylist turning a client away because they are in a bad way financially. And if they do, screw ’em. They didn’t deserve you in the first place. (Just don’t drive off in your brand new Audi R8 and Manolo Blahniks.) We don’t want to lose your business and we don’t want you to feel bad. We want you to go around with beautiful hair ‘selling’ us and how wonderful we were to you when your chips were down.

Carni Sue???

Let’s play “let’s make a deal” for a minute. If I give you 3 of my business cards and    tell you that I’ll give you a discount on haircut/color etc. If you get me three new clients it’s a win-win situation! Hell, if you get me three new clients I’d probably cut your hair for free anyhow!

Stylists love new business! And don’t be afraid that if we become that popular we are going to forget about you or not be able to fit you into our schedule for 8 weeks. For me it’s the exact opposite, I will move heaven and earth to get my loyal clients, who bring me all that lovely extra hair to play with, the appointment they want when they want it.

Of course pre-booking never hurts either…