My Hair… Paura in Firenze!!!

“If truth is beauty, How come no one gets their hair done in a library??

-Lily Tomlin

Soooo… I am letting an Italian do my hair…. I have to start by admitting that I am shitting my pants right now! I have only really let one or two people mess with my hair in years. And when I say mess with I mean… My friend and co-worker, Shelby, whom I helped train and handed off all my clients to when I decided to move and go back to school. And my friend Tiffony, who now has a thriving salon and bridal stylist biz in GA… Sooooo… That being said my hair has looked like shit for years. On and Off. That is not meant as a slight to any stylist-friends in-between either, so don’t be sensitive if you have touched my head and are reading this… I also don’t think the water here is helping, it’s very hard. Travel and moving can really wreak havoc on your hair…

EeeeeGads Val-Tay! Fix this nappy mess!

Like I said my hair has seen better days and as I’ve gotten older it’s gotten grayer and more out of control! So, After I left Dr Foukiss’ office for my very overdue bout of Botox, (Yes ladies and Gents, this beauty you see before you is not real, nor is it in-expensive.) I decided I needed a new hair-do!

Dr. Foukiss’ has a lovely receptionist, Mary Anne, who gave me several great phone numbers… I figure if I am going to re-invent myself then I should GO FOR IT!!! After $300 worth of face numbing agents, a little hair un-fucking is what this gal needs!

Apparently the salons owner, Gianlucca, is Dr.Foukiss’ best friend. So let’s keep it all in the fam and I have to trust that he is going to do a great job and possibly cost me a small fortune also!

I am currently sitting here at International Stylists on Via Porto Rossa, having Walter… (seriously it sounds better in Italian… Say VAhl-Tay…. I swear!) put a color concoction on my head that Gianlucca recommended after a long and flirty, and I MEAN FLIRTY, discussion. Gianlucca told me, looking straight into my eyes…, “Aye noooah wot you-ah neeed Meeeeaaahhhshell…” God I love Italian men! This man could talk me into shaving my hair off and putting Charger lightening bolts onto my scalp right now! (For those of you who don’t know… I am not a fan of the Chargers, so that is a big deal!)

I guess as I sit here I will have to give you a play by play:

1) Gianlucca knows I’m a hairstylist. I told him sheerly out of fear of possibly getting that head shave. At least the sides which is very popular for the ladies here right now…

2) There are overhead lights… which I hate because they make your face look like it’s fucking melting off. (The botox hasn’t kicked in yet.) It’s hotter than Hades in here, could be that I’m 44 also. And…

3) ┬áThis man has about four young, hot stylists in the hanging on his every word. I like that! He is a very experienced stylist and it is nice to chat with him… Uh Oh! Am I falling under his spell…? Annnnd, the man just asked me to dinner! Ok, pause here, what to do now??? A big tip??? How does one go about answering that!! Dinner, maybe, but only because I really am curious about how he made his fortune, really…

…technical difficulties with my iPad happened here, so I am finishing this, ‘a domani.’ (tomorrow, which is now today…)

At the Bar, “Slow-ly”

I sat with color on my head for about 40 mins… watching it get darker and darker. Color does this though, so I am not too worried. Walter frets around me and brings me many caffe’s while Gianlucca works his magic with the other clientele. After a very thorough head washing and conditioning, Gianlucca came back to flirt a bit more, check that my color has met his strict standards and cut my hair. From what I can see in the mirror the color is a bit dark, but it’s wet. Which, once again, is normal and I am liking it.

At first he only cut about an inch off so I asked him if he would really like to cut it. I think he was pleasantly surprised because he walked over to his cutting implements, of which there are A LOT, grabbed three, came back and started at it. When he was satisfied with his work, a young girl, (sorry folks I didn’t quite catch her name) came over and started blowing the shit out of my hair. She was exceptionally sweet and only burned me 2 or 3 times! But let me tell you, my nappy-ass hair has never been so straight!!! I now am the proud owner of a very cute and very sleek inverted bob! And, I don’t know if it was all the flirting, I prefer to think he liked my charming and witty personality, but it wasn’t that expensive at all! We (Gianlucca/Walter/young girl and I) decided we are going to let the bangs (Fringe, for you UK’ers) grow out and possibly cut it a bit shorter next time! I actually can’t wait to see it curly!

Hey! He likes it!!! And check out the food!

Unfortunately, I didn’t get a pic at the salon with my, “team.” I meant to but I think I was a bit overwhelmed. However, I did get a pic with Eduard at dinner. BTW Eduard is my new Italian Language ‘tutor/friend.’ He’s Albanian… Huh??

If there was ever any indication that I looked pretty damn hot, it would’ve been the huge smile on Eduard’s face when he came to meet me at the salon! He’s very fashion conscious and makes no apologies for making a face when he doesn’t like something. And get this… He’s not gay!!!

(He took me to gay bar after, but that’s a story for another day…)